Physiotherapy Equipments

Product Image (PCD- 109A)

ultrasound therapy

Price: 4000.00 - 6500.00 INR/Piece

Ultrasound Therapy Machine (1 MHz ) Model no- pcd-109A TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS  Therapy mode : Continuous & Pulsed  Continuous Mode Output :- 3.5 w/cm2 maximum  Pulsed Mode Output :- 2.2 w/cm2 maximum  Input Power:- 220 -240 V ~; 50/60 Hz  Output Frequency:- 1 MHz ± 2%  Pulse ratio :- 1:2, 1:4, 1:7, & 2:2  Treatment Duration:- 1 - 30 min in 1 min increments  Alarms: Audio Alarm at the end of Treatment with auto cut off.  Display : seven segment digital display  Power Fuse :- 2 Amp  Brand : Physio sound STANDARD ACCESSORIES  Main Unit : 01 No.  Ultrasound Applicator :01 No  Power cable provided for different countries: 01 No.  Instruction Manual :01 No  Jel bottle : 1 No  Carry bag : 1 No

Product Image (pcd 105)

Longwave Diathermy

Price: 32000.00 - 38000.00 INR/Piece

The LONGWAVE THERAPY is a microcomputer controlled unit for pain management therapy and is based on the Capacitor Field Method. The instrument uses a 1.0 MHz high frequency AC current where the patient’s own tissue is part of the capacitor. The equipment is only meant to be used by competent personnel in physiotherapy, rehabilitation or adjacent areas.

Product Image (pcd 186)

Hnc pain relief laser therapy

Price: 48000.00 - 62000.00 INR/Piece

Technical Specification  Therapy mode : cont ,pulsed  Laser type : Semiconductor laser/Ga Al As Laser  Laser classification -Class III B Laser  Wave length probe : 650 nm & 808 nm  Probe A: 11 laser beams are 650nm red laser: 4 laser beams are 808nm invisible laser output power: 775mW  Probe B : 808nm invisible laser beam, output power: 180mW

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Solid State Diathermy 500 Watt With

Price: 140000.00 - 170000.00 INR/Piece

Solid state Diathermy continuous & pulse 500 watt with disk electrode)

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Knee laser therapy

Technical Specification Therapy mode : cont ,pulsed Media: Semiconductor and Light Emission Diode Laser classification -Class III B Laser Six laser lite 650 nm & twelve led lite 630 nm laser beam Power Supply: DC 6.0V, 2A (Power Adaptor) Start: To initiate the system and switches into "ready" mode. Intensity: To adjust the irradiation intensity of laser and LED. Time: To adjust the work-time. Stop: To terminate the light output and goes to the standby mode.

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Price: 48000.00 - 52000.00 INR/Piece

SALIENT FEATURES Body Protected and cardiac protected design. Three Modes of coagulation Spray “ Mode offers massive & rapid non-contact coagulation Fulgurate “ To provide effective non-contact coagulation from distance, mainly appreciated by Urosurgeons and cardiovascular surgeons

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AircastCryo/Cuff Cold Therapy

Price: 25000.00 - 65000.00 INR/Piece

Technical Specification  An integrated approach to cold therapy that combines cold and focal compression, utilizing a non-motorized, gravity-fed system  Used in conjunction with the AircastCryo/Cuff Gravity Cooler (sold separately), it delivers chilled water directly into the Cryo/Cuff

Product Image (pcd 193)

Motorized Cryo/Cuff Cold Therapy

Price: 48000.00 - 62000.00 INR/Piece

Technical Specification  Cold and Compression Therapy System Shoulder Ice Cold Therapy Wrap is a newely-developed product that integrated continuous cold and intermittent hydrodynamic compression therapies to reduce pain and swelling, reduce muscle spasms, encourage cellular oxygen supply to help you to heal faster, recover better, and enjoy more effective pain relief after an injury or surgery.

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Micro wave diathermy dr gem

Price: 125000.00 - 175000.00 INR/Piece

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Continuous Mode Output :- 145 Watt Easy to Use: User Friendly Interface Output setting button : output control Time setting button : sets therapy time Output digital display : shows the current output level Time display : sets time and displays remaining time Input Power:- 200-240 V ~; 50/60 Hz Exclusive protection system to increase the life of magnetron Output Frequency:- 2450MHZ ±10MHZ Treatment Duration:-1 - 25 min End of treatment time automatically cut off RF Power Source :- magnetron based Power Fuse :- 5 Amp

Product Image (pcd 200)

Analog Air Compression Therapy System with four chamber

Price: 24000.00 - 34000.00 INR/Piece

Digital Air Compression Therapy System with four chamber Model No Pcd -200 Technical Specification Design for 360 degrees Compression massage leg/arm/waist massager threw air pressure Power consumption :30W Pressure range :20~250mmHg, Adjustable Pressure holding time and circle time interval 1s~6s Accessories: 1 Device, 1 Single Arm Cuff, 1 Pair Of Legs Cuffs, 1 Single Hose, 1 Double Hose, Power Cord And User Manual. Adjustable Timer timer : 10.20.30 Mins operating system : Touch pad & remote controlled Therapy mode ; A: B:C

Product Image (pcd 105)

Long Wave Diathermy

Price: 32000-38000 INR/Piece

Technical specification  Wave length : 300 meter  Pre Program with protocols  Frequency : 1 Mhz  Display : back light large lcddisplay  RF Power Source :- Mosfet solid state  Timer :-1 - 60 min End of treatment time automatically cut off  Power :- variable in 16 digital steps  Mains : 230 - 250v ,50 Hz

Product Image (pcd 105)

Long Wave Diathermy

Price: 32000.00 - 44000.00 INR/Piece

Technical specification  Wave length : 300 meter  Pre Program with protocols  Frequency : 1 Mhz  Display : back light large lcddisplay  RF Power Source :- Mosfet solid state  Timer :-1 - 60 min End of treatment time automatically cut off  Power :- variable in 16 digital steps  Mains : 230 - 250v ,50 Hz  Safety Class:-Class I, Type BF (IEC 60601 -1)  Output Mode:-Continuous / Pulsed  Pulse Frequency:- 100 Hz  Touch-free capsence keys  Plastic moulded lightweight cabinet  Consumes very less electricity compared to Shortwave Diathermy  Weight :- 3.5 kg  Brand : DynoTherm Standard Accessories:  Main Unit : 01 pices  Applicator 1pieaces  Lotion bottle 1pieaces  Operating Manual 1pieaces  Earth rod  Carry bag : 1 No

Product Image (pcd - 244)

cryolipolysis cavitation rf lipo laser

Price: 195000 to 250000 INR/Piece

Cryo + Lipo laser + Cavitation +Vacuum+ RF 5 in 1 body slimming machine adopt non-invasive fat reduction system. It can reduce 26% fat after treatment . Many area can be treated, such as waistline, abdomen, buttocks & thigh areas, arm & underarm, chin … 20-30 minuts for one time , 3-4 times treatment will achieve best effect

Product Image (pcd - 105A)

Long wave diathermy

Price: 25000 to 55000 INR

Description Features :- Microcontroller based Large LCD display Lightweight Unit Wide input voltage Output Frequency : 1MHz Mains Supply : 90-270 V Weight : 1.7 KGs Dimensions(L x B x H) : 30x28x12 cms Computerized User-friendly Product

Product Image (pcd 116 A)

Microwave Diathermy

Price: 140000 to 225000 INR

Product Description Name Ultra High Frequency Stimulator Model DR. GEM Protection type Grade 1 Used power AC220V, 60㎐, 530VA Output frequency 2,450㎒ Output intensity 10~145W Output type Continuous output Timer 5 ~ 25 mins(↑↓5 min) Body 340mm(W) X 350mm(D) X 600mm(H) Weight Around 21kg In package(including basic set) Purpose To ease pain

Product Image (pcd 116 A)

Impulse Chiropractic Gun

Product Description Theory of chiropractic adjuster The principle of the physical pulse, as if the human hand massage effects. Impulse adjusting instrument is the force generated according to the physical pulse, rather than the force of the electrical impulses, the role of permeability is very strong, the force generated by this in physiotherapy sexual pulse than manual massage the intensity of strong 350-fold, conduction velocity, penetrating advantage. Righting the spine, immediate, and clear the righteousness, get rid of the pain, people filled with energy, high spirits. Chiropractic adjuster suitable for the people

Product Image (pcd 116 A)

Physiotherapy ultrasound machine

Price: 15000 INR

microprocessor based Ultrasound Therapy Unit. It is the most modern in design, sleek, compact and easy to use. Continuous and pulsed modes can be easily selected. A Digital power meter displays the ultrasonic power delivered to the patient in watts/cm2. With highest quality of components and highly skilled R D team we have eliminated the undesired heat produced by Ultrasound head thereby increasing the life of the transducer. Dimension 28.5 x 21.5 x 7.5 cms Oprating Voltage 220 V AC Weight 4 kgs

Product Image (pcd186)

Physiotherapy Laser Hnc

Price: 58000 INR

Professional Grade, LNH-HNC Dual Probe COLD LASER The Dual Probe is one of the most versatile and one of the best purchase value cold lasers available today. The Dual Probe is perfectly suited for professional health practitioners and clinicians of every stripe. While it has a multitude of operating options, it is also simple enough to operate that it can be used by home users too

Product Image (pcd112A)


Price: 2800 INR

When to use: Pain Relief Strength training Re-innervation of muscles Healing, Tissue repair Relaxation of spasm Improving Mobility Edema reduction

Product Image (pcd- 132)

Traction Digital machine

Price: 20000 INR

Dyno Digital Traction Machine

Product Image (PCD- 138)

Knee Continuous Passive Motion Unit (physio cpm )

Price: 22000 INR

We are offering Knee CPM Machine. Continuous passive motion therapy gives several benefits to patients soon after surgery Benefits include reduction in pain and discomfort recovery. Patient safety switch is also provided

Product Image (PCD-127)

Muscle Stimulator Cum Tens Machine

Price: 2800 INR

Products specification Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the use of low frequency electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. TENS is a non-invasive, low-risk nerve stimulation intended to reduce pain thus helping in the rehabilitation program. And muscle stimulator use for week muscle , paralysis, facial problem Package

Product Image (PCD- 107 A)


Price: 9000 INR

Physiotherapy Ultrasound Therapy Unit (1 MHz) Digital (Continuous & Pulse)

Product Image (110B)

ultrasonic(1Mhz) machine

Price: 6000 INR

Applications This unit is fully micro processor based, light weighted, compact, easily carrible

Product Image (Modal no pcd 608)

Hnc laser

Price: 52000 INR
Product Image (Modal no pcd 114A)
Product Image (pcd 104B)


Price: 20000 INR/Piece
Product Image (pcd-139A)

Shoulder & Elbow Joint CPM

Price: 155000 INR/Piece
Product Image (BTL-4110 Smart)

Laser Therapy Machine

Price: 175000.00 - 215000.00 INR
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (pcd-187)

Sundom Laser

Do you suffer pain from back, shoulder, ankle, wrist, neck, elbow or knee...

Product Image (pcd-108)

ultrasound machine 1 & 3 Mhz

Price: 14000 INR

Product specification Microprocessor controlled lcd based Unit Pulsed and Continuous therapy operation 10%, 20%, 50% and 100% Variable duty cycle output of 16 Hz, 48 Hz, or 100 Hz. Clinical protocols, the most appropriate application and parameter set for the patient’s condition. light weight designs for Clinic, Hospital and Home visits. Auto detection of Ultrasound applicator. Micro controller based design for optimum accuracy. Soft touch buttons. Timer : 0-30 min put power is up to 2.5 watts / cm2, which is controlled digitally Back light LCD display

Product Image (pcd-131)

Physiotherapy Traction Machines

Price: 19000 INR

Traction Machines. Offered machines are extensively used by physiotherapists for providing traction for neck pain, degenerative disc disease, spondylitis, facet syndrome, etc. In order to manufacture these machines in line with set quality norms, our professionals use the best quality components with the help of advanced technology. Further, we these Physiotherapy Traction Machines with one set of fixation lumber belt.

Product Image (pcd-114 )

Muscle Stimulator Digital Diagnostic

Price: 9000 INR

Therapy Modes: Surge Faradic, Faradic, Galvanic, Int Galvanic...

Product Image (pcd-103)

Short wave diathermy continuous 500watt (Table Top)

Price: 24000 INR

Our firm is counted amongst the most reliable firm in the domain, involved in manufacturing and supplying a qualitative array of Shortwave Diathermy Equipments

Product Image (pcd-113)

Muscle Stimulator

Price: 7500 INR

Features: Robust built Based on micro controller Power efficient Easy to operate

Product Image (pcd-109)

Digital Ultrasonic Therapy Unit

Price: 8000.00 - 10000.00 INR/Bag

This unit is fully micro processor based, light weighted, compact...

Product Image (pcd-110)

ultrasonic (1 Mhz) Digital physio

Price: 6000 INR

This unit is fully micro processor based, light weighted, compact, easily carry


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