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Product Range

Wave Therapy

  • Short Wave Diathermy Continuous & Pulse 500Watts (Dyno Pulse) Model
  • Short Wave Diathermy Continuous 500 Watts floor Model
  • Short Wave Diathermy Continuous 500 Watts Table Top Model
  • Short Wave Diathermy Continuous 250 Watts Portable Model
  • Digital Ultrasonic Dyno Model
  • Digital Ultrasonic Compact Model
  • Digital Ultrasonic Physio Model
  • LCD Ultrasonic Model

Electro Therapy

  • Interfernital Therapy Unit (Dyno Wave IFT + MS + TENS
  • Interfernital Therapy Unit (Feather touch manual , 16 Programs & 29 Programs)
  • Interfernital Therapy Unit
  • Interfernital Therapy Unit (Physio Stim IFT + MS + TENS
  • Interferential Therapy Unit LCD
  • Muscle Stimulator Digital Diagnostic
  • Muscle Stimulator Therapeutic
  • Mini Muscle Stimulator Therapeutic
  • T.E.N.S. (Physio 4 Channel)
  • T.E.N.S. (Major T.E.N.S.)
  • Dyno T.E.N.S. 6 Channel
  • Dyno T.E.N.S. Dual
  • Phyiso T.E.N.S. Dual

Combination Therapy

  • Combination Therapy Unit (IFT + TENS + US 1 Mhz)
  • Combination Therapy( TENS + US 1 Mhz)
  • Combination Therapy Unit ( TENS + MS)
  • Combination Therapy Unit (IFT + TENS )

Traction & CPM Therapy

  • Cervical & Lumbar Traction Unit (Dyno Trac LCD Model)
  • Cervical & Lumbar Traction Unit (Dyno Trac Standard Model)
  • Cervical & Lumbar Traction Unit (Physico Trac)
  • Traction bed four fold
  • Traction bed four fold Hydraulic
  • Traction bed three fold
  • Continues Passive Motion

Slimming & Fitness Units

  • Body Composition Analyser
  • Dyno Torque
  • Body Shaper
  • Cellulite Deep Heat
  • Vaccum Unit
  • FLOOR Massagers
  • HANDY Massagers
  • Microdermabrasion Exfoliance

Rehabilitation & Occupational Therapy

  • Multi Exercise Chair
  • Quadriceps Exercise Table
  • Hand Exercise Table
  • SHOULDER WHEEL (Wall Mounting) & Compact Model
  • Tilt Table (Electric Operated)
  • Exercise Staircase ( Corner Type, 60 cm wide)
  • Ankle Exerciser
  • Heel Exerciser
  • Finger Grip Exerciser
  • Hand GYM Kit Board
  • Wall Bar (Wall Mounting)
  • Rowing Machine Cum Sliding Seat
  • Arm Exerciser
  • Parallel Walking Bars
  • Pronator Supinator
  • Pec Board

Hot & Cold Therapy

  • Physio Paraffin Wax Bath
  • Hydroculator
  • PCD : Whirlpool Bath (Large Size)
  • PCD : Contrast Bath (Hot & Cold Therapy)

Laser Therapy

  • Sundom Laser
  • Physio Laser

Our Services

  • Physio Therapy Equipments Repairing
  • Slimming Equipments Repairing
  • AMC Contract, etc.

Infrastructure and Quality

We own a sophisticated manufacturing unit that is spread over an area of 700 square feet and equipped with varied high tech machines and CAD/CAM software to design an unbeatable array of products. We have integrated the following machines:

  • Welding machine
  • Molding machine
  • Shaping machine
  • Soldering unit

Our infrastructural base is segregated into varied units like designing, quality testing, warehouse, packaging and so on to ensure hassle free and streamlined process. Besides this, our team of experienced engineers, technicians and other allied workers helps us in the designing of quality products and meeting the bulk orders of the clients at a very brisk pace.

Quality is our top most priority. We have designed a complete quality control management system to maintain high quality standards of the products. To ascertain the quality of the products, we have a team of quality controllers, who keeps a close watch on the production process. They conduct stringent quality tests on the production process to design unmatched quality products. Our fully fledged quality control unit is loaded with high tech quality testing machines that help us in carrying out varied quality tests like:

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Ease of usage
  • Durability
  • Efficacy, etc.

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